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How to measure for a window:


How to measure for doors.

How to determine Hinge-Type:
From the outside of your home, is your hinge on the left or right?

If it is on the left, you have a Left-Hinged door (LH).
If it is on the right, you have a Right-Hinged door (RH).

Measuring an Exterior Door:
Go outside, open the door, and measure just the outside of the door, not the frame, left to right and top to bottom
ALWAYS ROUND TO NEAREST SIZE. 32.25" x 76.25" = 32" x 76"

Measuring a Combination Door:
Measure the rough opening (the hole that would be left if you removed everything).
Round to the nearest even number.

The easiest way to do this is to: Open the door and measure the storm door, not the frame. Then add 2" to the width and 1" to the height.
ALWAYS ROUND TO NEAREST SIZE. 32.25" x 76.75" -> 32" x 76"

Measuring a Storm Door:
Measure the same way that you measure a Combination Door.

  To the right are pictures of the "Rough opening" for a mobile home exterior door. All of the exterior doors we sell are listed by the size of the "Rough opening". If you measure your door using the above instructions, we will get you the right size door.
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